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Monday, October 21, 2002

Life is going full steam ahead.

I'm taking two classes: one on manufacturing processes, the other on mechanical assembly and its role in product development. Two subjects which I learned nothing about at Caltech, as they are very practical and oriented towards real life employment. It's not hard at all, just super time consuming because there's soooooooo much information I have to process which other people have already been exposed to.

Research has picked up like crazy. Isto is sending me lots of material to analyze, and it keeps me busy over 20 hours a week.

The job search is also going; I've interviewed with Dupont, and will interview with Medtronic tomorrow. I want to interview with Tiax, this neat engineering consulting company in Boston, but I was in Tampa for a wedding this weekend and missed the online sign-up. I will have to head into the career center early tomorrow to harrass them and see if I can get a late interview spot.

Oh, and the wedding. Robin and I headed to Tampa for 4 days for Adrianne and Yifan's wedding. Robin was the best man, and I read something during the ceremony. Amy was the maid of honor, and Nick was a groomsman. It was a beautiful ceremony; Robin admitted to me that he nearly cried cause Ady and Yifan were sooooooo happy. There were also a few funnier moments; a ring was dropped (gasp!) and just before the couple walked down the aisle as husband and wife, the speakers went nuts. But pretty much everything went off without a hitch. And the reception was a blast. It all makes me excited for the next wedding (Tim and Molly... and I get to walk down the aisle with them this time!)