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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

almost over (will edit as news comes in)

-Harvard Immunology
-Stanford Immunology
-Johns Hopkins Immunology

interviewed, waitlisted:

interviewed, still waiting on response:

interviewed, but rejected:
-UW Immunology
-Harvard Sys Bio

-Johns Hopkins BME
-Georgetown Microbiology/Immunology

I'm a tad confused about the pattern of being turned down by bioengineering programs, but accepted to immunology. This mechanical engineer is feeling quite loved by the biology community as opposed to the biomedical engineers. Who knew? I'm not complaining, though. At Stanford/Harvard/Hopkins, I'd still have access to the computational courses in other programs, and do my thesis in the area that I'd apply these things to. That said, MIT BE is a more complete package, having immunology faculty as well as the coursework in one bundle.

Overall, I'm thrilled with my options. Now comes the hard part; deciding.