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Friday, June 04, 2010


Things I am rocking on.
- science! I have craptons of data. I am slowly sifting through it all. I have been accepted for a poster presentation for the conference my lab always attends in June.
- ceramics! I am almost done with my second ceramics class, and have thus far created:
- set of small bowls (8) with pretty brown/white glaze
- set of serving bowl and platter with pretty brown/white glaze that I gave as a wedding gift
- set of white serving bowl and platter with light pink flowers
- 3 pairs of bowls with various colorings of the blue varieties
- set of medium bowls (8) with dark blue and brown coloring
- garlic jar with a yellow smiley face and black hat (lid)
- 2 double handled mugs for J
- large soup bowl with drippy green and brown coloring
- a set of 4 bowls with 'Mommy' 'Daddy' 'Brother' and 'Sister' on them for my college friends and their kids
- currently, I have an adorable teapot (my first) in the works, as well as a set of mugs for my labmates/friends who just moved to boston
- last but not least, Julian! My lord, he is a happy, affectionate, wonderful child. His latest feat of wonder is that he knows all the capital letters and numbers 1-10 already, and he's not even 21 months. I won't claim he is a genius, as he clearly doesn't know what they signify. But he shouts out letters and numbers when he sees them in his surroundings now.

Things I am working on
- car. Next month, we'll be entering a nannyshare arrangement with a family we met through daycare (J's bestest friend, actually... and we happen to get along well with the parents which is AWESOME). We'll be saving a bunch, so we can afford a 2nd car (which we'll need with this new arrangement). So we are on the hunt.
- friendships. I have gotten woefully out of touch with some of my friends. Facebook is helping a lot with getting back in touch with some of my high school friends. I need to start talking to my college friends more.

Things I am slacking on
- photography... I am only occasionally busting out the SLR.
- Julian's photos and website are months months months behind.