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Friday, April 22, 2005

A excerpt from the Annals of Wedge - April 4, 2005 -

Again I seem to be lacking in discipline when it comes to paper journals. I've been here in the Bahamas for 3 nights, and nary a word, although I've had plenty of spare time to do so.

Before I came, I thought I'd have an opportunity to think hard about myself, my future, etc. etc. Seems like my mind wanted nothing but complete relaxation... and did no such thing as ponder my future.

Perhaps I do enough of that on a daily basis. I've done nothing but discuss my future since I met Nir in September. Maybe this vacation was the break I needed such that I can continue to think about my future in a constructive way.

Maybe these are all excuses.

I feel that I probably won't return to Nassau. It is a spring break town, a booze and dance town. I've seen Paradise Island, Atlantis, the straw market, the beach. I don't care for a tour of the rum factory, or for snorkeling here (I'm sure other islands of the Bahamas have better.)

But this beach (Cable Beach) in the morning is as peaceful and beautiful as can be hoped for. Layers of blues, white sand, calm waters. If only Robin were here to see it. **

If I have learned nothing else this trip, it has been that I need Robin in my life. Not every single day... these days have been beautiful and thoroughly enjoyable. But I feel a great need to share these things and can think of no one else more deserving than him.

**footnote: Robin was at a conference that week, so I went on vacation with a friend; hence Robin's absence.