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Friday, September 02, 2005

putting my money where my mouth is....

Just last night, I was lamenting to Robin what a costly summer we've had. Our rent is up, vet expenses high because of the new kitten and the resulting illnesses of said kitten and Sophie, travel expenses from 2 trips, and now one of our computers seems hosed so THAT's going to be expensive. For a grad student and a lab tech, that's a lot of money.

But every morning, I am awakened by my clock radio set to NPR, and every morning, the story out of Louisiana gets more and more grim, and I wonder how I could possibly live in my own little world full of fuzzy cats, World of Warcraft, and pipettes, while so many people out there have lost EVERYTHING.

This morning, I made a donation to the Red Cross. I hate feeling like there's nothing else I can do (short of going to Louisiana and getting my hands dirty) but at least I can do that.