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Friday, January 01, 2010

a few short term goals

a) start on the dress that I've been meaning to make for Rae.
a.2) stop by Joanne's this weekend to look for cute fabric scraps om sale to snag for various sewing projects

b) start drawing out ideas for other kid's stuff. these include
- crocodile hat
- thor, batman, the flash hats
- appliques for girl dresses
- the snap on bib thing (a la bibsandmatch.) Gotta figure out what material to make the bibs out of, though.

c) update Julian's Blog. I am months behind on photos, and I have more videos stashed on Youtube to post on there.

d) figure out a good etsy shop name. Maybe if I actually do this, and I could justify re-subscribing to WoW if I actually sell stuff.

e) finish reanalyzing all my ELISA control data and put it in presentable form for my February thesis committe meeting. Yikes!


W said...

some views of thor:

the flash:

W said...

purchased today:
-brown microsuede
-white cotton
-dark brown cotton

maybe 3/4 a yard each, all from scrap bin, so it totaled 2.50!

W said...

- initial pattern for pinafore made, and initial mockup almost complete. Definitely need to change some of the design so the skirt is smooth in the transition from front to back. Also want to figure out how to sew some appliques onto the front of the solid side, but the machine is giving me tension problems. Ick.

- Most of my calculations for my old ELISAs are complete, pending a number retrieval from flow data I can't analyze because flowjo licenses after the new year got bugged.