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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Committee meeting? Check. Whew. Lots of activity following it, on several fronts, so it's all encouraging.

Ceramics? SO MUCH FUN. It's humbling to be in the studio and see people throw huge pots that could encase an entire infant in it. It'll be a long time before I can do that, but one has to start somewhere. I've made:
- 2 mugs with double handles, specially for J.
- 2 pairs of small rice bowls, one set with ridges
- 1 larger bowl, maybe useful for cereal?
- 1 small plate with a spiral in the inside, green slip used.
- 1 LARGE serving bowl with flowers (a wedding gift)
- 2 LARGE square serving platters (both to be gifted)

I would like to make more small bowls and small dishes for my brother in law and his girlfriend, and more small bowls for us to use as well.

Sewing? slowly getting back into it. Made the base for 2 more hats, one will be a dino hat to put up on etsy, the other will be a croc head.

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