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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

my thesis (to be finished this spring) should look like this:

Chapter 1. General Introduction to Cartilage biomechanics, problems of tissue engineering
Chapter 2. Analysis of Neocartilage Constructs (intro, methods, results, discussion)
Chapter 3. Analysis of Neocartilage Constructs after Implantation into Sheep (intro, methods, results, discussion)
Chapter 4. General Discussion, Conclusions

Right now, I'm working on Chapter 2. Wow, a thesis is shaping up!

Even more exciting is that my advisor thinks that I will probably publish at least 2 or 3 papers derived from this thesis. Me, publishing! For a Masters degree too!

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Kathy Peterson said...

So, how did the thesis go? From the looks of it, you certainly got everything all organized form the start. I hope your thesis statement was also plan out as it would be the backbone of your paper. Anyway, I hope you can update us on what happened. But, I bet you successfully defended it.