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Monday, January 06, 2003

We have:
- 1 CA wedding site and reception site
- 1 really cool custom designer that might make the bodice for my dress for cheap (such that I can get my dream dress for less than 1K instead of for 4K!)
- several Boston area wedding and reception sites that we are checking out to see if they are possibilities. Stuff in this area is so damned expensive
- 1 really cool photographer in the Boston area that we'd like to use
- no date or location set. If sites here in MA prove to be too costly, we will fall back on the CA option, and probably go ahead and do it this August. No idea on how likely that is.

Since the semester doesn't start for a month (and since I probably won't take classes anyway) I will be spending this month wedding planning and thesis writing (that is, if the company I collaborate finally sends me some useful biochemical data)

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