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Monday, February 10, 2003

Blogger seems to be acting funny, but I'm going to try to post this anyways.

Life has been crazy busy, but I'm getting a surprising amount done (although on a daily basis it doesn't feel like it). I presented a poster at this year's Orthopaedics Research Society Annual Conference. (my first conference presentation every, go me!) In putting together all the data for the poster, I've effectively written a chapter of my thesis. Robin and I have also done a fair amount of wedding work; we've got both ceremony and reception site (and therefore caterer) reserved, a rabbi who will co-officiate, a few leads on priests who are willing co-officiate, a guest list, my wedding dress (which I brought to a seamstress today to have altered), and my tiara. My mother will probably be getting us cool favors from Hong Kong. My bridesmaids and I have agreed on a dress, which my mom will have made in Hong Kong as well. (I'll probably ask my mom to have them make me one as well, as they're really sweet dresses!) Robin is looking for DJ's, I'm looking into photographers, and after Valentine's day I'll talk to florists (but we'll probably do the flowers ourselves). Robin's got a good deal on tuxes already. Really, the only major thing we haven't looked into is invitations, which we'll make ourselves so we don't have to worry about ordering them soon.

The semester just started, so now I've got all sorts of things on my plate. I've spoken with the Career Center here at MIT, and now have all kinds of fun resources with which to probe the biotech industry around here for job openings. I also have a contact through Topher (a Mole Techer who graduated in 97, just before I got there) which I will probably seek out. I've decided not to take classes this last semester (there's really not much left that I'm interested in), but will probably be doing grading for a bioengineering class for some extra cash. And there've been a whole ton of social stuff (friends coming to visit from NYC, friends winning pool parties at Jillians....) All in all, I've been a busy bee.

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