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Friday, May 27, 2005

end of an era.....

I am taking today off of work, in preparation for the 5-?? hour long drive to my youngest brother's college. Mostly I am nervous about having to endure Memorial Day Weekend traffic out of Boston. But part of me is a bit astounded at how far my brothers and I have come.

I think we grew up exceptionally close. It helped that we are all within 3 years of each other. Our parents also kept us pretty sheltered, and so we turned to each other to be playmates and best friends. Of course, we had our fights and grudges, but when push comes to shove, we have ALWAYS stuck together.

Since I left for college, our interactions have changed significantly. I almost feel like my brothers have grown up behind my back, despite the fact that my middle brother went to the same college that I did. And now, I am procrastinating packing to go to my youngest brother's college graduation. When did we all become adults?

Having spent most of these past 7 years living apart from my brothers, I now understand why some people settle down so close to their relatives. Lately, I've realized just how much I miss my brothers, and how I regret that I do not know them better as adults. I was really happy to have my middle brother at college with me for those 2 years, and I am looking forward to having my youngest brother in Cambridge with me for the next year.

In my heart I will always think of them as Big Baby and Small Baby, even though they both tower above me at 6' plus. Here's to you, my brothers!


Anonymous said...

So cute! But you're so serious-looking. Was your mother pissing you off even then? ;)

- Kimberly

wedge said...

Ha! And here I thought I looked googly and cute, not serious, in this photo!

My mother has a different photo from this photo session framed in her house, in which my middle brother and I are smiling a bit more (and my youngest brother has his crossed eyes looking vaguely toward the camera) but I fancy this photo more.

It seems that even at a young age, I had a penchant for being photographed with my mouth open.