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Thursday, November 23, 2006

the new baby

On Oct. 7, we took little Yuna home with us. She was just shy of 5 weeks. She is almost 12 weeks old now, and it's amazing how much she has grown in a little over a month. We've taught her to eat solid food, drink from a water bowl (took a long time of her snuffling water up her nose!), and watched her develop from a little wobbly thing into a very active, healthy little girl.

Introducing her to Wirt was a rather hilarious endeavor. After the first tentative sniffs and hisses, Wirt allowed Yuna to wobble over to him... and she promptly attempted to suckle some milk. Which he didn't likes so much! Wirt's immense size also complicates things... he's at least 15 lbs of pure muscle, and if he gets excited, he can be way too rough when playing. But Yuna and Wirt absolutely adore each other now; when they're not tussling on the floor, they're wrapped in each other's arms, grooming each other.


pekkle01 said...

If you look far enough back in my Xanga (somewhere in May I think) you'll see a pic of me and a kitty. Methinks kitty didn't like me so much (cats aren't well-liked in VN and so are distrustful of humans. Maturing kittens who've rarely had positive human contact especially so.).

ingi said...

Came surfing in through Google/Images after looking for a "cat drinking milk" :)

Just love your 'post' :)
I also had a big-cat, not that much different from yours that got a little friend ...and I filmed it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbwZlR3kEFA

Icelandic greetings from the Netherlands,

mineboy00 said...

I'd just like to say: Yuna is cute!
Also, Wirt looks EXACTLY like my cat, Romeo. Funny coincidence. =)