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Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm nearing the end of my second quarter back in grad school, and so far, so good. I'm certainly not making the sort of money I could be making if I'd just headed into industry right after I finished my MSME, but I think this is a damned good gig. I'm getting my tuition paid for at a first class university, and being paid to do nothing but learn things about a subject that I think is fascinating.

The next step, figuring out how to identify interesting problems and actually solve them, that's a bit more intimidating. That gets tied in with social responsibility and science, which I also find to be an interesting topic. Should researchers really be recreating polio virus? How vocal should we be when it comes to government policies that are affected by the science we do? Does the public even trust scientific opinion? With the current environment (so many labs are having money trouble because of the current administration's cuts on NIH funding), I wonder if I will be taken seriously by the very people that I want to help with immunology research. What good is finding an interesting problem when it won't get funded?

On the home front, it looks like Yuna is growing (slowly) to be a petite cat; she's about 6 months old, but is definitely smaller than Wirt was at her age. I know she still has some time before she stops lengthening, but she really is leeeetle; her head is teensy, and I've the impression that kittens grow into their heads. It would certainly be amusing to have Yuna (who's maybe 6 pounds after eating) paired up with Wirt the 15 pounder.

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E said...

Hi Wedge!
I just found your blog (I know, had I been more sensible I could have found it long ago).
I take it you got married to Robin? Congratulations!
And you're switching from MechE to Bio?? WOW! That's a big switch, but sounds like you got in to all the most amazing places. Hooray!

What a cute cat!

Your vacation pics are almost identical to my honeymoon pictures, we drove to and through WY, went to Yellowstone and took a bazillion bison pictures, went to the Tetons, etc.

Keep in touch.