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Thursday, August 02, 2007

So far, it's been a hectic, stressful summer. But I've passed my written quals, finished rotation presentations, and started in my thesis labs. I've had the support of so many people, my labmates, my classmates, my friends. Most importantly, Robin has kept me steady and moving, as he always has the entire time I've known him.

I've known Robin for almost 10 years now. We've been through 4 years of college, a master's degree, a ph.d., 2 cross country moves, 3 cats, and various family crises on both sides. Together, we bought the first car I've ever owned, and just yesterday, we got the keys to our first home, a 2 bedroom condo here in the Bay Area.

Last night, when we finally were both home from work/school, we packed up our first boxes to bring to our new home. At the last second, I pulled our Ketubah down from the wall. We were really happy with our Ketubah; not because of any religious significance, but because it is a beautiful symbol of our two families coming together, and of the new family that we have formed. So it seemed appropriate to place this symbol in our first home, on the eve of our 4th wedding anniversary.

Robin, thank you for encouraging me to be my best, supporting me when I'm at my worst, and being such a blast to be with. Happy 4th Anniversary, love, and may we have many many more!


Kristine N said...

Congratulations! I'm jealous--I'd love to own my own home, and it's wonderful you've passed quals and progressing through grad school nicely. I've been wondering why you weren't posting much, but now I know--sounds like life's been pretty hectic in your neck of the woods.

adrianne said...

so beautifully said!

Andrea said...

Hey Wedgie!!!! I am so happy to reconnect with you via the comment you left at my blog! I can't figure out how to email you- mine is the same: raragrayNOSPAM@charter.net. Take out the NOSPAM and email me so we can catch up!