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Friday, November 26, 2004

Holidays = food....

Yesterday, Robin and I spent the Thanksgiving eating and relaxing with friends in the Boston area. We stuffed ourselves silly on Turducken (a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken), mashed potatoes, yams with marshmellows melted on top, green bean casserole, salad, rolls, and 3 different kinds of cranberry sauce.

This photo of Tim with the aftermath of our meal pretty much sums up how I felt after we were done eating.

A lot of people have heard the urban legend that turkey contains tryptophan, and that this amino acid causes sleepiness after a Thanksgiving meal. Snopes has pretty well shot that myth down. However, I stuffed myself so thoroughly that after we were done eating, I curled up on Tim and Molly's couch and conked out for a good half hour . (But not before I unbuttoned the top button of my skirt. Yes, I really did eat that much.)

A couple hours later, we attempted to have dessert. (a few of us couldn't finish, they were still too damned full.) We had pumpkin pie, and a decadent chocolate hazelnut mousse cake that Robin made over the course of the two previous days. My only contribution to this cake was the powdered sugar decoration.... I printed out a picture of trogdor and cut out the outline, which on top of the cake before Robin sifted powdered sugar over it.

The paper cutting

The resulting cake

Unfortunately, powdered sugar Trogdor did not travel well... by the time we got to Tim and Molly's, the sugar was jostled all out of place, and the only recognizable parts were Trogdor's beefy arm and some majesty. The cake was delicious, though.


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